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The establishment of RTI Distribution comes within the ambition of the Ivorian Radio and Television Network (RTI) to position itself as a major player on the African audiovisual industry, not only in the French-speaking nations but also in the English and Portuguese regions.
Through a program catalogue made up of Ivorian TV series, RTI Distribution aims to export the Ivorian culture beyond African borders.

  • « Four One Nine 2 » reveals how technology revolution brought about a new breed of mobsters and cybercriminals, described in Côte d'Ivoire as: THE GRAZERS. Season 2 of "419" covers lies, loyalty, revenge and forgiveness.
  • « Only one dream » brings you behind the scenes of the football industry, not always shiny and very often unknown to the youth, yearning for glory. The series was filmed in Abidjan, Paris and Rio de Janeiro and features some renowned African players.
  • « Connections » is an outreach TV series intended to raise awareness among adult men and women on the risk of HIV infection, fostered by some sexual behaviors.
  • « What’s up here? » is a TV series of social satires depicting some pretty funny situations in life or the daily experiences of folks.
  • « Family stories » is the story of two buddies, womanizers, who are keen on taking their concubines into their homes.
  • « Nafi » is the story of a 17-year-old girl, from a poor and polygamist family with 3 wives and 28 children.
  • « Life lessons » is a bundle of mini-series dealing with jealousy, deceit, greed and other plagues undermining the society.
  • « Just for laughs » and « This, again? » are both RTI's internal productions, addressing social issues as humorous jokes and funny remarks.