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"NAFI" Seasons 1&2
Type : Drama
Available in : French & English
Year : 2006
Origin : Côte d’Ivoire
Director : Eugénie Ouattara Delaveau
Volume : 106x26 Min

Nafissatou Touré (Nafi) is a beautiful 17-year-old girl, from a poor family. Her father, the old man Toure, is a polygamist with three wives and 28 children, working as a courier in a local company.

Ambitious and smart, Nafi focuses on her studies to make it and eventually fill a greater social level; however she'll have to get around all pitfalls, difficulties and constraints arising from a merciless and often unfair world….

Emerging as a showcase of the gap between generations, modernism and tradition under a dictatorial perspective, "NAFI" meets all expectations of the public with an outstanding impact on viewers.

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