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Four One Nine 2
Type : Police
Available in : French & English
Year : 2015
Origin : Ivory Coast
Director : Alain Guikou
Volume : 26x26 Min

Lt. Cynthia and her colleague Patrick from the platform against cybercrime are on Geraud and Camso, two cybercriminals chased by their victim, the Saudi Al-Bashir. Naja and Blanco both bad cops and wanted by the police, are also hunting down Geraud and Camso! The hunting for cybercriminals and bad cops is engaged... Lies, loyalty, revenge and tolerance portray the background of this second season.

The advent of new technologies, such as smartphones and the Internet have enabled humanity to break through an important step in its history.

This revolution also brought about a new breed of gangsters, known in Côte d'Ivoire as: THE GRAZERS.

Geraud, a champion in the field, puts forward his life experience as a "grazer." Many folks in Europe and elsewhere fell victim to his genius and amazing strategies. This is Grazers vs. PAC: Platform Against Cybercrime.

Watch out ! This series is based on a true story from a true lie…


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