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This, again?
Type : Comedy
Available in : English & French
Year : 1996
Origin : Côte d’Ivoire
Director : Koné Yacouba
Volume : 156x26 Min

"This again?" deals with social issues such as tribalism, corruption and decline in social values, government's laxness, intra and extra-marital relationships... The series advocates for a behavioral change through a caricaturing of current social events.

The series is produced by the Ivorian national television, RTI, and is shooted in the capital city - Abidjan and its outskirts as well as in the back country with the expectation to harness the natural landscape.

Whatever the nature of the issue to be raised, humor remains the best option to go in order to provide viewers with a new perspective on a common reality. Based on a scenario, actors, take on the roles played by citizens in the ordinary life.

The large number of viewers captured by the TV screens when the series goes on air illustrates the success of this fiction.

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