CFI accompanies the African televisions in the " Meeting TVFI "

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On the occasion of the 20th edition(publishing) of the Meeting(Appointment) TVFI, the international demonstration(appearance) organized every year by the association of the distributors of French programs, CFI invites 12 African partner televisions: 4 French-speaking public channels (CRTV Cameroon, RTI Ivory Coast, RTG Gabon and RTS Senegal), 2 French-speaking private channels (Channel(Canal) 2 Cameroon and TV 10 Rwanda), 3 English-speaking public channels (NBC Namibia, ZNBC Zambia and GBC Ghana) and 3 English-speaking private channels (TV3 Ghana, ITV Tanzania and TV MUVI Zambia).

The program managers of chains(channels) will receive a training(formation) of 3 days in the strategy of acquisition of programs on a market.
Accompanied by experts of CFI, they will benefit from custom-made meeting(appointment) with the exporters on the basis of a refined choice operated upstream. They will be also invited in the various projections and the evenings dedicated to the fiction, to the animation and to the documentary.

This project aims at strengthening the skills of the program managers of the African televisions, at encouraging them to get acquainted with the markets of programs and to favor the acquisition of contents directly with the suppliers.

Finally, it is a question of encouraging the partner chains(channels) to anticipate the impact of the next passage in the DTT(DIGITAL TERRESTRIAL TELEVISION), which will see the arrival of new operators and news(short stories) offers of rival programs.

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