Ivory Coast: the RTI presents a professional platform of access to the international market

Source : Didier N'Doli| | lu : 1967 fois |

Born of a political will in 1962, the Ivory Coast fiction is one of the first ones(nights) in Africa otherwise the first one(night). And nevertheless, she(it) remains underestimated on the international stage. Aware(conscious) of this established fact, the Broadcasting Television native of the Ivory Coast intends(hears) to play her part.

"The RTI has a long and fruitful past regarding production of fictions. But, these quality productions still had no success expected at the international level. The life cycle of these productions often limited itself to the local distribution (broadcasting) in the absence of a strategy of valuation, promotion (class) and conquest of the international markets ", underlined the managing director of the RTI, Ahmadou Bakayoko, to give the deep reasons of the course(cape) towards a new strategy.

"The creativity and the lyric bloom(prosper) in Ivory Coast. It is necessary to allow the production to be seen abroad. To arrive there the RTI was equipped with two departments which complement each other in this mission: RTI production and RTI distribution (casting) "added.

RTI production has in load (responsibility) the development of the fiction intern that is the fiction produced by the house but also that coproduced with the private or the independents. RTI distribution (casting), has him (her) for role to value the made fiction in Ivory Coast in Ivory Coast and abroad. RTI distribution (casting) is thus a platform at the heart of your national and international ambitions.

The RTI thus decided to re-revitalize the Ivory Coast fiction to make her(it) not only more competitive abroad, promote her(it) but allow it to participate in the Ivory Coast growth.

" To satisfy this strong wait (expectation) of the public, the RTI put a lot into the detection, the training(formation) of the scriptwriters and the support(accompaniment) in the production of the fictions through the initiative " RTI New Talents ", declared the Managing director.

"Our ambition is of "to offer a professional platform of access to the international market " TV program and to contribute to the dialogue of the cultures by the presence of the Ivory Coast fictions on the international markets ", he added.

After the starting up 2014 with the distribution (casting) of Ivory Coast fictions, the RTI plans to increase this offer of contents years to come with documentaries, programs of animation, courts and full-length films …

Let us note that extracts of Ivory Coast fictions were seen with in addition the English version of the series "my family " in front of the surprise and the enjoyment of Akissi Delta, producer of this successful Ivory Coast series.

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